WSJM Sports Salutes Hartford Senior Athletes


WSJM Sports would like to recognize all high school senior student athletes here in Southwest Michigan. Today, we salute the senior student athletes at Hartford H.S….


Aldo Acevedo-Football, Cross Country, Track

Anthony Alonso-Wrestling

Joe Beebe-Football,Baseball

Sergio Canseco-Football, Basketball

Jessica Cardoso-Volleyball, Soccer

Miguel Cardoso-Soccer

Destiny Chacon-Sideline Cheer, Volleyball, Competitive Cheer, Softball

Yair Delgado-Football, Track

David Fernandez-Football, Track

Jaelyne Galvan-Basketball, Softball

Trey Goodson-Football, Baseball

Jessica Huaracha-Volleyball, Soccer

Victor Hurtado-Soccer, Track

Elijah Ledesma-Football, Basketball, Baseball

Joseph Lehmkuhl-Cross Country, Baseball

Karla Liborio-Davila-Sideline Cheer, Competitive Cheer, Soccer

Kyle Manning-Football

Francisco Medrano-Cross Country, Track

Jerri Mendoza-Ramon-Soccer, Track

Uberth Morales-Wrestling

Yovana Naranjo-Cross Country, Soccer

Megan Nelson-Volleyball, Basketball, Softball

Nicholas Pultz-Soccer, Football, Basketball

Erick Ramirez-Football, Baseball

Christopher Ramon-Soccer, Track

Elijah Rodarte-Football, Basketball, Baseball

Katherine Sanchez-Cross Country, Soccer

Regan Sinclair-Softball

Joel Soto-Soccer, Basketball

James Terry-Wrestling

Esther Ugalde-Cross Country, Soccer

Darius Webb-Basketball, Track

Ian Woodruff-Football, Baseball

You’ve all made your school and the Hartford community proud. Congratulations on your accomplishments and good luck in the future!