Division 3 & 4 Cross Country State Finals


Congratulations to area high school cross country runners that competed in the Division 3 & 4 State Finals Saturday…

Area Division 3 Boys
Boden Genovese, Coloma    63rd    17:17.28
Jake Ickes, Coloma    151st    18:20.27
Blane Sutherland, Coloma    163rd    18:28.67
Ethan Vandermolen, Coloma    172nd    18:37.41
Aiden Cripe, Coloma    230th    19:49.13
Skyler Wolfe, Coloma    233rd    19:56.48
Caeleb Ishmael, Coloma    248th    20:50.01
Ezra Troyer, Watervliet    120th    17:58.62
Luke Blesy, Bridgman    89th    17:36.48
John Sanderson, Bridgman    126th    18:05.18
Walker Barz, Buchanan    52nd    17:11.58
Ryan Young, Buchanan    180th    18:44.93
Joe Furlan, Bloomingdale    33rd    16:59.26
Jaden Barnes, Bloomingdale    116th    17:56.87


Area Division 3 Girls
Ava Genovese, Coloma    50th    20:39.99
Abby Vandermolen, Coloma    134th    22:00.36
Camryn Brown, Coloma    140th    22:04.23
Chloe Williams, Coloma    148th    22:10.95
McKinleigh Kraemer, Coloma    219th    24:34.21
Cali Grenon, Coloma    239th    26:33.24
Kayla Walter, Coloma    247th    29:46.72
Karsyn Stewart, Bridgman    110th    21:37.48
Eleanor Young, Buchanan    135th    22:00.82
Kallie Harrison, Bloomingdale    42nd    20:27.29
Aimee Sustaita, Bloomingdale    64th    20:59.16
Addison Miller, Bloomingdale    208th    23:42.98
Abby Krall, Bloomingdale    212th    23:53.29
Olaisa Moss, Bloomingdale    215th    24:03.01
Andrea Paz, Bloomingdale    229th    25:10.64
Zee Dickerson, Bloomingdale    231st    25:17.37
Kendra Koster, Lawton    51st    20:42.18


Area Division 4 Boys
Bradley Mills, Lk. Mich. Catholic    85th    18:41.73
Michael Golden, Lk. Mich. Catholic    98th    18:51.76
Matthew Lage, Lk. Mich. Catholic    102nd    18:52.73
Lucas Wielens, Lk. Mich. Catholic    155th    19:31.67
Owen McLoughlin, Lk. Mich. Catholic    183rd    20:03.89
Nathaniel Green, Lk. Mich. Catholic    212th    20:59.01
Ronan Marsh, Lk. Mich. Catholic    228th    22:13.19
Adam Blankenship, Eau Claire    140th    19:18.82
Joel Chandler, Grace Christian    56th    18:12.06
Charlie DeGraves, Lawrence    79th    18:38.23
Brody Amthor, Lawrence    125th    19:09.44
Mauricio Mancera, Lawrence    211th    20:55.66
Clay Beal, Lawrence    220th    21:24.89
Gabriel Gonzalez, Lawrence    238th    23:32.18
Nile Devers, Gobles    22nd    17:30.21


Area Division 4 Girls
Allison Glendening, Lk. Mich. Catholic    47th    21:31.21
Lauren Anderson, Cassopolis    55th    21:40.65
Madeline Madsen, Lawrence    98th    22:28.13
Addie Curtis, Marcellus    124th    23:07.21